Enterbrain announces a new RPG Maker game

Now you create your own RPGs with the latest game in the RPG Maker series for the PlayStation 2.


RPG Maker II

Japanese developer Enterbrain has officially announced the next game in the RPG Maker series for the Sony PlayStation 2--the game is titled RPG School 5 in Japan. For the first time, the series moves into the 3D world on the PlayStation 2. Everything from the environments, dungeons, and characters in the game are fully 3D. In addition to the ability to manipulate specific terrain both vertically and horizontally, players will be able to customize lighting effects and even include scripted weather effects, like rain. The entire world map can be as large as 256 square blocks, where each character takes up one block at any given time. In terms of story creation, RPG School 5 lets the player write the entire script from scratch. Players can also use scripted names for weapons and items within their story.

The PS2 incarnation of the RPG Maker series is currently slated for a December 20 release in Japan. Agetec is already in negotiations with Enterbrain to release the game for the North American market.

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