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[UPDATE] Hello everyone! Today is the last day to sign up for this giveaway! Sign up before it is too late.

[UPDATE] Hello everyone! We've heard your feedback regarding the contest and your feeling regarding it being limited to North America. We want to be transparent, these codes were provided to GameSpot by DICE. As such, the parameters for the giveaway were put in place by them. We would also like to point out that Never Alone will be available in Europe as well as South America. The current giveaway will be available until February 6th at 12:00pm PST. Good luck!

The 18th Annual DICE Awards are finally upon us! We are giving away over 290 codes for 18 games, six each day for the next three days. Each giveaway will last only 24 hours, so sign up quickly!

The next session of the DICE Awards Show will be hosted live on TwitchTV using the link below.

The specific time and date for each giveaway is listed below:

Tuesday February 3rd at 4pm PST - Wednesday February 4th at 4pm PST

  • Shadow of Mordor on Steam (NA Only)
  • Odd World: New n Tasty on PS4 (NA Only)
  • Disney Infinity 2.0 on PC (NA Only)
  • Critter Crunch on Steam (NA Only)
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP on Steam (NA Only)
  • Super Time Force Ultra on Steam (NA Only)

Wednesday February 4th at 4pm PST - Thursday February 5th at 12pm PST

  • Wolf Among Us on Steam (NA Only)
  • Hohokum on PS4 (NA Only)
  • Shovel Knight on Steam (NA Only)
  • Sound Shapes Bundle on PS4 (NA Only)
  • inFAMOUS: First Light on PS4 (NA Only)
  • Never Alone on Steam, Xbox One and PS4 (NA, SA, and Europe Only)

Thursday February 5th at 12pm PST - Friday February 6th at 12pm PST (Click Here!)

How do you enter to win? Simple. All you have to do is enter the required fields (email address and GameSpot username) and if you win, you’ll be contacted via email.

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