Enslaved sells 460,000, Namco Bandai returns to profit

Publisher and toy maker posts $45.3 million profit as acclaimed action adventure game underperforms.


Following Sony, Konami, Electronic Arts, Square Enix, and THQ, Namco Bandai became the latest game company to post earnings results this week. For the nine months ending December 31, 2010, the publisher and toy maker reported net sales of ¥288 billion ($3.5 billion), up from ¥282.8 billion ($3.4 billion) the year prior. Net income--aka profit--was ¥3.7 billion ($45.3 million), way up from the ¥11.7 billion loss ($143.3 million) the company posted the year prior.

Enslaved didn't do as much monkey business as Namco had hoped.
Enslaved didn't do as much monkey business as Namco had hoped.

In terms of games, the company's best-selling title for the current fiscal year remains Tekken 6. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 fighting game sold 1.08 million copies during the nine months ending December 31, more than double Namco Bandai's highest profile new release, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. Despite solid marks from critics, the action adventure, loosely inspired by the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, sold just 460,000 units on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 after shipping in October.

Other best sellers called out by Namco Bandai were Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, with 490,000 units in nine-month sales, Gods Eater Burst with 460,000 units, and Gundam Musou 3, with 430,000 units. The company released 64 new titles during the nine-month period selling a total of 13.8 million units of software. Overall software sales were 21.8 million units for the time frame.

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Avatar image for kyleweeeeeeeeee

Enslaved was spectacular...I beat the game today, and was hopeing their would be some sign of a future for a 2nd game. I would get it in a second...but from this information, the future doesn't seem so bright. It was fun while it lasted.

Avatar image for Yokuz1166

Enslaved was an amazing game. It's unfortunate that there are so many mindless gamers who don't know what a good game is. "Oh! The box looks nice! Let's get this game!" "All my friends are playing this game! I should buy it!"

Avatar image for Aderdunn_3

I feel sorry for the companies which don't release platform games anymore....I wish there were more platform games like Enslaved... I feel sorry for the guys whose whislist has only fps/tfs games....Don't you miss the classic but great platforming experience?...seriously:/

Avatar image for KingGIR

damn...enslaved was one of the most beautiful games i have ever played, but i only rented it... during the time i had already bought a couple games and i didnt really want to spend more money... but this game was gorgeous, it greatly impressed me and i played though it twice, loved the dynamics and combat style of monkey. and the escape pod scene was just priceless! i did not expect that one second and it made me laugh to huge extents!

Avatar image for shaggydellic

Sometimes I actually feel guilty that I didn't buy Enslaved. I was waiting for its price to drop (as I do with almost all games) when I found out my friend had it and was willing to let me borrow it. I tell myself that buying the DLC makes up for the fact I didn't buy the game... :/

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

That sucks. Enslaved was a good game. I just don't understand the gaming crowd. *smh*

Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

@Melas300 it's not difficulty... I did play it on hard... it's the fact that everything is done with x button... jump, dodge, climb... all just pressin a direction with x... and you don't even have to find a way to go, you just follow the glowing objects.

Avatar image for oneligas

Just like all fine art Enslaved was unappreciated by the masses, i lent my copy to a friend and he stopped playing after the first mission. You try to open peoples eyes but some just cannot see. Enslaved was a game that more heart and character than most people can recognize in today's video games.

Avatar image for stereopathic

just finished enslaved and was blown away by it. (picked it up because i loved heavenly sword so much) memorable characters and wonderfully acted (both in terms of animation and vocal performance). combat was fun and had solid depth. in addition to everything else, it was the best final level of any game i've ever played. so much fun. i cannot recommend it enough.

Avatar image for NoDzombie

enslaved is a great game, shame it didnt sell better.......

Avatar image for Melas300

@JimmeyBurrows um, if u play it on easy, then yeah, it's too easy.. But personally, I played it on hard and I didn't really think that the game played itself...

Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

hmm.. I only really bought enslaved 'cos heavenly sword was glorious... little dissapointed, combats less fun, pretty much everything is done with one button, which almost made me think the game should play itself, lol... characters were great, most of the game and story had a nice feeling throughout, but personally didn't like the plot twist... It's worth buying, but totally would have prefured heavenly sword sequel... if they could pull it off

Avatar image for ricardo-sene

keep promoting Enslaved

Avatar image for Melas300

The first time I saw the game, I was totally indifferent about it... However, some time later I bought it because I had nothing to play (and because I liked Trip and a shop was selling the special edition cheaper than the normal one!). So when I tried it, I just was amazed... After beating it I can surely say that it is one of the best games I've ever played and I suggest it to everyone who has any doubts... Although it hasn't the better graphics, it has really strong characters(3!) and story... And the gameplay is very good too... I couldn't imagine that this game would end up be so good...

Avatar image for warhawk-geeby

I'm one person that hasn't bought this game.. And I don't know why.. I know it's supposed to be good, but i dunno.. It just doesn't seem to interest me.. Weird though because I prefer games like this to FPS - games like these make you think.

Avatar image for badtaker

so almost 230000 on each platform if PC game would have sold that(230000) much and everybody will be blaming PC piracy

Avatar image for samarsenal1990

ENSLAVED Is One of the COOLEST Games That I Played Last Year! Hope they use its caliber in another games

Avatar image for theTriquster

I just started playing Enslaved this week and have thus far liked it... I'm disappointed it didn't get wider play, but who knows - maybe word of mouth on it will just take longer.

Avatar image for FlashCharge

Enslaved is a good game but I also would have liked to have seen a Heavenly Sword 2. But either game doesn't draw a crowd and thats too bad.

Avatar image for gadragod

Well, this is bad news. I really, really enjoyed the game. It was good, fresh, fun, and had a pretty good story with interesting characters. But it had to be the gameplay mechanics that made it a "pass" in most people's holiday shopping lists. If the combat and climbing were just a bit more geared to hardcore platformers and even gotten a Bayonetta-esque combat system, I think it would have been excellent. I hope they get another chance at it though.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ce72effd6960

Sad when a promising new IP doesn't get much public recognition it deserves. Enslaved is a great game even with it's flaws.

Avatar image for zzamaro

"Enslaved didn't do as much monkey business as Namco had hoped." Of course it didn't, if it isn't an FPS then expect to have low sales.

Avatar image for Animatronic64

Enslaved deserves so much more attention than it gets. It's a really great game.

Avatar image for deadline

I think Heavenly Sword 2 would have sold better, even considering it would have been a platform exclusive.

Avatar image for HollowNinja

Hopefully Graces F on PS3 will sell more.

Avatar image for Xplode_77

That's a solid income. Maybe they can make a new engine if enough profit comes in :)

Avatar image for helldew

i may check it out now that they seam to have given a rats ass and throw their fans a bone. i find it really hard to buy games from companies that could care less about their fanbase. if namco really does pick up following TOGF i may even buy their enslaved 2. Basically the Less BS they pull the more money they get in my books.

Avatar image for banditmonkey

This game also has one of the best dlc. Pigsys quest is funny, good, and lengthy. It also makes the whole game 3d for 10 bucks. you cant go wrong there.

Avatar image for Barighm

Great game, not perfect, but well worth your time. Fantastic writing. Realistic characters. Good choice if you like more story in your games.

Avatar image for DarkBuhamut

@DaneGamer it sure does. but haven't you seen Trip? she must be related to Nariko

Avatar image for Kats_RK

Hope it sells more

Avatar image for Adam_the_Nerd

The game looks really great. Not enough exposure though.

Avatar image for x-2tha-z

Enslaved is a great game. It's a shame more people don't support great games.

Avatar image for Giganticguyver4

Despite bad sells it was till a good game in my opinion.

Avatar image for ffviiifreak

ouch the sells blow but atleast it was fun

Avatar image for Matrix

Awesome game. Really hope they decide to make a sequel.

Avatar image for DaneGamer

You forget Heavenly Sword was one of the games promoting the PS3 in the first place! It didn't arrive until AFTER the PS3 release, but it was such a greatly hyped game, for such a long time that people were eeger to see what it could do! Plus the character is alot more hot than this hairy fella... sex sells you know

Avatar image for Ovirew

Reinvent the wheel with your classics and flagship series' - Pac-Man, Katamari, Galaga, Dig-Dug and Mr. Driller. Make some new Tales games. That is what you need to do, Namco-Bandai.

Avatar image for robdemartini

I think it's absolutely hysterical how Ninja Theory was convinced that they needed to go multi-platform to make their games a bigger success and their exclusive game, Heavenly Sword, ending up doing three times as much selling as Enslaved. Maybe Heavenly Sword 2 isn't such a bad idea after all, eh?

Avatar image for noway78

o ok @nejikusa the game did everything for u, it made me fight mechs, the game made all my jumps for me, the game magically by itself made me carry trip

Avatar image for jmartinez1983

Namco really expected Enlsaved to sell well? A brand new IP with almost no advertising and only pretty good (as opposed to stellar) reviews? Never in a million years.

Avatar image for youngsexynerd

aw man that sucks, i thought the enslaved demo was amazing, it was very fun it sucks to see it undersell, i will probaly buy it one day!

Avatar image for NejiKusa

Enslaved had impressive visuals and voice/motion work, but the story is nothing new, there was no sentient character with a unique personality you could point to and say, "hes the villain!", also the game did pretty much everything for you. It wasn't very good.

Avatar image for 1nitram2

A shame Enslaved did not do better it looks to be a very fun game and i am still planning on getting it in the near future. =)

Avatar image for hawaiiinsomniac

This game was so good, i'm so surprised that it all it sold. I've played it thru twice.

Avatar image for TristanH12

They didnt mention Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 nor Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2?