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Enshrouded - How To Upgrade And Strengthen The Flame Altar

Gain permanent boosts via Flame Altar in Enshrouded.


The world of Enshrouded is teeming with lush greenery and life, though there are also locales that have been corrupted. As such, it's your goal as one of the Flameborn to rekindle humanity's long-lost hope. Doing so also grants powerful boons. Here's our guide on how to upgrade and strengthen the Flame Altar in Enshrouded.

How to upgrade and strengthen the Flame Altar in Enshrouded

The Enshrouded Flame Altar acts as a fast travel point, a central landmark of your base, and a means of accessing certain functions and mechanics, including a way to reset skill points. There are, however, a couple of facets that confer permanent boosts for your campaign.

Altar upgrades and Shroud Cores

The first permanent boon comes from Altar upgrades in Enshrouded. Each time you do this, your base's area/border will be increased, allowing you to construct even more objects and facilities. You do need items known as Shroud Cores. These tend to drop from minibosses found in Elixir Wells.

Later once you've rescued the Alchemist NPC, you'll be able to craft Shroud Cores. These will cost 10x Shroud Spores and 10x Shroud Liquid.

The first Flame Altar upgrade (left) requires just one Shroud Core. You can loot it from the Fell Thunderbrute enemy in the initial Elixir Well that you clear (right).

Strengthen the Flame materials and boosts

The second option lets you strengthen the Flame in Enshrouded. Whenever you do this, you gain numerous benefits, such as an increased timer while you're in the Shroud, as well as additional Flame Altars that can be constructed. Moreover, the Flame Level is also increased. This is a threshold/requirement in case you need to upgrade the Flame Altar (i.e. base radius/territory) even further.

The materials that are needed as offerings.
The materials that are needed as offerings.

For the first offering, you need the following materials:

  • 5x Resin - This is a reddish goo that sometimes drops from the trees that you cut down.
  • 5x Red Mushroom - Often found growing on the ground in grassy areas.
  • 5x Bones - Dropped by animals and hostile humanoids that you slay.
  • 5x Animal Fur - Dropped by animals that you slay.
  • 5x Shroud Liquid - Comes from bulbous growths in Shroud-covered locations.
  • 1x Spark - The Spark in Enshrouded is a type of special item that comes from Flame Sanctums and Flame Shrines scattered all over the game world. Some of these locations will be marked on the map once you've completed the Ancient Spire main quest.
Resin comes from trees (left), whereas Shroud Liquid comes from corrupted bulbs (right).

This is how you upgrade and strengthen the Flame Altar in Enshrouded. This particular mechanic tends to be very important, since it's directly tied to progression and permanent bonuses.

Enshrouded is an open-world survival game where you explore cursed lands that are covered in deadly mists. For more tips, you can check out our guides hub.

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