Ensemble alums proclaim Orcs Must Die

Robot Entertainment's first effort falls in fantasy action-strategy genre, due on PC, possibly 360, PS3, this summer.


Orcs Must Die!

Ensemble Studios' closure by Microsoft in 2009 sent shock waves throughout the industry, but it didn't take long for many of the Age of Empires developers to land on their feet. One studio to form out of that studio's remnants was Robot Entertainment, which formed under Tony Goodman and other former members of Ensemble's leadership team.

Orcs Must Die pretty much sums up the gameplay.
Orcs Must Die pretty much sums up the gameplay.

Today, Robot's first orders have been inputted, as the studio announced it will release Orcs Must Die as a digital download on consoles and PC this summer. According to a Robot representative, exact platforms have yet to be nailed down, but the studio is aiming to release the title on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

As its title may imply, Orcs Must Die sees players defending their castle from a never-ending flood of orcs and other infernal beasts. As seen in the game's first trailer (below), the high-intensity action title sees players strategically retreating through their keeps while laying and springing traps that range from spiked logs to magical wrecking-ball pendulums.

Robot expects to offer additional details on the title at PAX East, which will take place from March 11-13 in Boston.

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