Enigma: Rising Tide signed by GMX

GMX Media announces that it has now secured the rights to publish Tesseraction's upcoming naval simulation game worldwide.


Following last month's 2908884announcement that it would publish Enigma: Rising Tide in Europe, GMX Media has today announced that it has secured the worldwide publishing rights for the game.

"We have recently signed distribution deals with a number of companies," said Barry Leonard COO of GMX Media. "These deals enable GMX to publish its titles in any part of the world. The most exciting thing is we are now capable of publishing our titles in the lucrative US market. The buzz around Enigma: Rising Tide has been incredible, we expect massive sales not just in Europe but also in the US."

Enigma: Rising Tide is scheduled for release in March. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game. GMX Media also stated today that it plans to announce two or three more titles before the end of this month. We'll bring you more information on those titles as soon as it becomes available.

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