Enigma: Rising Tide nears beta

Tesseraction will begin accepting sign-ups this week to test its online naval combat game. Screenshots inside.


Tesseraction Games has announced that it will begin accepting sign-ups later this week to beta-test Enigma: Rising Tide, its upcoming massively multiplayer online naval combat simulation. The sign-ups will be held at the SubSim Web site later this week, and the beta test will begin shortly thereafter.

Enigma will let players take part in massive naval battles including the use of torpedoes, deck guns, and depth charges. In the final version of the game, thousands of players will be able to take part in the battles. The game is scheduled for release as a free download this summer, and after a free trial period, players will be charged a monthly subscription fee. For more information about Enigma: Rising Tide, take a look at our previous coverage of the game.

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