Enigma: Rising Tide Gold Edition surfacing

DreamCatcher's Naval simulator returns to PCs with remodeled ships, new dynamic effects, and optimized system performance on January 28.


DreamCatcher has announced that it will return to the PC high seas with Enigma: Rising Tide Gold Edition on January 28. The new and improved version of its World War II naval command simulator adds new content, improved gameplay, and revamped graphics to the game. The Gold Edition is developed by Tesseraction Games, developers of the 2003 original.

In Enigma: Rising Tide Gold Edition, cyber sailors will play an American, German, or League of Free Nations admiral in command of a fleet of destroyers, submarines, and battleships. Said ships' armories consist of ship's deck guns, torpedoes, depth charges, and other maritime munitions.

The Gold Edition of Enigma: Rising Tide includes all the game's updates to date, new missions, and new weapons as well as retouched graphics and effects. The title will also come packaged with the soundtrack from Timothy Steven Clarke.

Enigma: Rising Tide Gold Edition is rated "T" for Teen. For more on the original Enigma: Rising Tide read our full review.

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