Enigma: Rising Tide goes gold

GMX and Tesseraction's naval combat game is expected to ship to US retailers on May 15.


Tesseraction Games has announced that its naval combat game, Enigma: Rising Tide, has gone gold. Tesseraction previously released a version of the game last September, which was distributed online. Since that time, Tesseraction has signed a publishing deal with GMX Media, who will be distributing the retail version of the game worldwide. The retail version of Enigma contains several gameplay and graphical enhancements over the previously released version but remains single-player only. Enigma: Rising Tide ships to retailers in the United Kingdom on April 5, mainland Europe on April 15, and the United States on May 15.

Enigma: Rising Tide is a naval combat game that takes place during an alternate history version of the 1930s. In the game universe, the United States never entered World War I, allowing Germany to take over Europe and Great Britain. The three primary factions in Enigma are the United States, Imperial Germany, and the League of Free Nations, which is an alliance between the British Royal Navy in exile and the Japanese. Players control one of many different ships in the game, ranging from small corvettes and destroyers to submarines.

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