Enigma: Rising Tide finds US publisher

DreamCatcher will publish Tesseraction Games' naval simulation in the US in August.


Toronto-based DreamCatcher Games has announced that it will publish Enigma: Rising Tide in North America. Enigma puts players in control of fleets made up of destroyers, submarines, battleships, and cruisers. In the game's alternate-history World War II-era setting, players take command of huge fleets belonging to one of three factions: the US, the Germans, and the fictional League of Free Nations. Battles will involve directly controlling deck guns and firing torpedoes and coordinating between multiple ships. The game features real-time action, detailed weather effects, and realistic ship physics.

Enigma: Rising Tide is scheduled for release on August 21 and will have a suggested price of $39.99. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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