"Enhanced 1080p" PS4 Beyond: Two Souls, Heavy Rain Release Dates Announced

Beyond: Two Souls' PlayStation 4 port is coming next week, while Heavy Rain will debut in 2016.


Quantic Dream has confirmed the release dates for its upcoming PlayStation 4 ports of Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain.

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The PS4 edition of Beyond: Two Souls will launch on November 24, priced at $30 as a digital-only game through the PlayStation Store. Heavy Rain's PS4 edition, meanwhile, is slated to launch on March 1, 2016, also as a digital game.

The Beyond: Two Souls PS4 edition features "enhanced 1080p" graphics, complete with motion blur, bloom, and depth of field effects, as well as "improved" lighting and shadows, Quantic Dream said in a post on the PlayStation Blog. In addition, the PS4 version uses the DualShock 4's speaker to "improve immersion when playing as the Entity." Click through the images in the gallery above to get a closer look.

Below are some other new features for the PS4 edition, as written by Quantic Dream.

  • Decisions are highlighted at the end of each scene and compared with those made by other players.
  • Once you have completed Beyond: Two Souls, you will be able to replay the game in chronological order--a much requested feature in the PlayStation 3 version.
  • Increased difficulty in certain fight scene, combined with improved controls for action sequences.
  • Includes the "Enhanced Experiments" DLC.

As for the Heavy Rain PS4 port, though it won't be out until 2016, it will be playable at Sony's PlayStation Experience community event in December. In addition, if you buy Beyond: Two Souls, you'll get Heavy Rain at a discount when it launches. A standalone price point for Heavy Rain's PS4 version was not announced.

Beyond: Two Souls (2013) and Heavy Rain (2010) were originally released on PS3. For more, check out GameSpot's reviews through the links below.

Quantic Dream is now working on a new PS4 game called Detroit: Become Human.

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