ENGAGE Takes Chess to the Net

While the match that pits man versus machine continues, ENGAGE offers play-by-play action and online chess matches.


The popularity and interest in the chess match between champion Gary Kasparov and IBM's Deep Blue has been building. ENGAGE Games Online has teamed up with the United States Chess Federation so that chess aficionados can follow the action between the two online via USCF's web site. Last weekend, the site received over 9,000 hits.

Today, ENGAGE and the USCF announced that starting in July they will offer online chess play. Engage says that its online interface will be one of the most elegant graphical interfaces of any PC chess game. Players will select from a wide variety of playing fields, chess pieces, and viewpoints to customize the game.

"Along with the USCF, we are very excited to host one of the most exciting chess matches of all time," said Jeff Leibowitz, president of ENGAGE. "We are looking forward to offering USCF Chess on ENGAGE. "Through the USCF ranking system, we believe our chess game will be the most competitive, and also the best way to find a great game online."

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