EndWar declared on PSP, DS Nov. 4

Ubisoft reveals turn-based handheld editions of Tom Clancy-inspired strategy game will launch alongside PS3, 360 games.

Nigh on a year ago, a product page for Tom Clancy's End War on the Nintendo DS popped up in GameStop's online database. However, with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions out November 4, and no word since then from Ubisoft, it might have been assumed that a handheld edition had been discharged before making it out of boot camp.

EndWar PSP.
EndWar PSP.

As it would turn out, not only is that not the case, but a Nintendo DS and PSP version of the game will deploy alongside their console counterparts in two weeks. The handheld editions were developed by Germany-based Funatics Software, who previously had a hand in Ubisoft's The Settlers strategy franchise.

Instead of the real-time strategy gameplay of their console siblings, EndWar on handhelds will feature turn-based tactics. However, unlike in traditional turn-based strategy titles, in EndWar, players will conduct their move and attack phases simultaneously.

EndWar DS.
EndWar DS.

Ubisoft also noted that handheld generals will be afforded three single-player campaigns, where gamers will take command of the US Joint Strike Force, the European Enforcers Corps, and the Russian Spetsnaz Guards Brigade. Each campaign contains more than 30 pitched battles in real-world locations such as Paris and London. The game also includes one-on-one multiplayer matches, where players can compete in 100 different premade scenarios. Ubisoft also promises a mission editor, where players can create their own custom maps that can be played solo or in multiplayer mode.

For more on the console editions of EndWar, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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