Endless Saga's saga ends

[UPDATE] Webzen confirms that next-gen PlayStation 3 and PC fantasy-based MMORPG is canceled; publisher won't ignore PS3, planning future PS3 titles.


While some fantasy freaks will argue that campy 1984 film The Neverending Story was blatant false advertising, the same can not be said for Webzen's Endless Saga. The game doesn't have an end--but unfortunately for fans, it's because it doesn't even have a beginning.

Webzen today confirmed to GameSpot that the PlayStation 3 and PC project has been canceled. The fantasy-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game was scheduled to hit stores sometime in 2007.

[UPDATE] A representative from Webzen phoned GameSpot to explain why the prioject was cancelled. "[Endless Saga] was under project review, and the board of directors decided [the game] wasn't as innovative as some of the other projects [Webzen] is working on," said the rep.

Endless Saga was being targeted for the Japanese audience, but its resources have now been allocated to more globally focused projects, like APB for the XBox 360 and Huxley for the Xbox 360 and PC.

Endless Saga was lined up to be one of the PS3's first MMOGs, but its absence leaves the genre fairly sparse on the console. PS3 MMOGs currently in the works are a DC Comics-based game, an untitled Square Enix project, and the ambitious X Quest, from former Halo creator Alex Seropian.

The rep was also clear that Webzen is not ignoring the PlayStation 3, and said the company is currently in discussions with Sony, though nothing has yet been announced.

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