[Ending Soon] Prime Day Nintendo Switch Deals: Best Game Deals Still Available (US)

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We're in the final hours of Amazon Prime Day 2019. This annual big sale from the big retailer offers plenty of opportunities to save some money and pick up all kinds of things--blenders, baby products, toilet paper probably, and yes, even Nintendo games. Whether you're looking to pick up your first Switch, have a specific game in mind, need some accessories, or are just curious what kind of discounts will actually be available, you've come to the right place. But do so quickly! Amazon Prime ends at the closing hour of Tuesday.

Amazon's biggest competitors are getting in on the deals action by throwing their own anti-Prime Day sales, including Walmart, Target, and GameStop, to name just a few. All that competition can only benefit shoppers, as Prime Day has gradually become the equivalent of Black Friday in the summer with record-low discounts on high-cost items (like game consoles). Even though the Nintendo Switch sells for $300, a lower price point than the Xbox One or PS4, its games and accessories get quite pricey, with Switch Pro controllers selling for $70 and first-party titles often remaining at $60 long after launch. That's why finding good deals on Switch products is even more exciting, and Prime Day is likely your best chance to find a ton of Switch discounts until Black Friday.

Prime Day and its surrounding sales flurry comes can be overwhelming, so we're here to help make the experience a bit less stressful. Here are the best Nintendo Switch deals for Prime Day available now.

Best Nintendo Switch game deals

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - on sale for $20 (was $60) at GameStop
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - on sale for $20 (was $60) at GameStop

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Nintendo and Ubisoft's unexpectedly wonderful crossover, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, typically retails for $60, but you can pick it up for only $20 right now at GameStop. That saves you a whopping $40 on one of Switch's best games--more than enough to also download its equally challenging Donkey Kong Adventure DLC.

See deal at GameStop

Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee - on sale for $30 (was $60) at Amazon
Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee - on sale for $30 (was $60) at Amazon

Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee

Pokemon Sword and Shield are on the way this November, but you can scratch your Pokemon itch in the meantime by picking up Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee, a reimagining of the classic Pokemon Yellow version with some Pokemon Go-inspired mechanics. The game normally runs for $60, but you can save 50% off on it right now at Amazon.

See deal at Amazon

From Prime Day itself to GameStop's huge Summer Sale and Ebay's Hot Deals for Hot Days, there are plenty of Nintendo Switch game discounts floating around. Check out some of the great game deals you can snag now below.

Best Prime Day Switch game deals

Best Nintendo Switch console deals

Nintendo Switch - $265 (was $300) at Ebay
Nintendo Switch - $265 (was $300) at Ebay

Nintendo Switch with grey Joy-Cons

Nintendo's hybrid console hasn't dropped in price very often since it first launched back in March 2017, which makes this Ebay deal an enticing offer if you've been looking to pick one up. You can purchase the system with grey Joy-Con controllers for $265, saving you a cool $35 off its standard $300 price tag.

See deal at Ebay

Nintendo Switch + game + bonus accessory - on sale for $329 at Walmart
Nintendo Switch + game + bonus accessory - on sale for $329 at Walmart

Nintendo Switch + game + accessory bundle

If you're just picking up a Switch, you'll want a game and some accessories to go along with it, making this Walmart bundle a great option. You can purchase the console with one of four great titles--The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, Splatoon 2, or Super Mario Party--plus a carrying case all for only $329.

See deal at Walmart

Nintendo Switch + $35 Eshop credit - on sale for $300 (was $334) at Amazon
Nintendo Switch + $35 Eshop credit - on sale for $300 (was $334) at Amazon

Nintendo Switch + $35 Eshop credit

If you're interested in a Switch but aren't yet sure which games you'd like to pick up alongside it, this Amazon bundle may be your best option. Right now you can get the console with neon red and blue Joy-Cons plus $35 in credit for Nintendo's digital store, the Eshop, for $300. The Eshop is home to hundreds of titles, including some great indie games.

See deal at Amazon

Everyone's still buzzing about the announcement of a new $200 Switch model, the Switch Lite, but with it releasing in September, we wouldn't count on it getting discounted any time soon. If you're in the market for a Switch, your best bet is to grab the OG model during Prime Day.

While the Nintendo Switch on its own was discounted at Ebay a couple of times during the first day of Prime Day, those deals have since ended. Luckily, some solid console bundles are still available. One of the best options is currently at Walmart, where you can get a Nintendo Switch, first-party Nintendo game, and bonus accessory of your choice for $329. The games to choose from include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario Party, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Splatoon 2. There are a few accessories to choose from, including a portable power bank for the Switch.

Amazon just posted its first Nintendo Switch bundle deal, and it's a good one if you prefer to buy digitally: You can get the console and $35 Eshop credit for $300, which means the Eshop credit is just an added bonus with your purchase. At GameStop, you'll get a free Starlink: Battle for Atlas starter pack when you purchase a Switch. Plus, you can get a bundle with the console, Crash Team Racing, and a Switch steering wheel two-pack for $300 at Ebay, if that's something you're into.

Assuming you're looking to buy both a Nintendo Switch and Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, Google Express has the deal for you: Both consoles are currently bundled together for $400 (with $44 slashed off in checkout when you use promo code GOTURE), which is a total of $150 in savings. This might be one of the craziest deals we've seen yet this Prime Day--but we'll take it.

Best Prime Day Switch console deals

Best Nintendo Switch accessory deals

Joy-Cons (various colors) - on sale for $60 (was $80) at Amazon
Joy-Cons (various colors) - on sale for $60 (was $80) at Amazon


If you're planning on playing your Switch often with friends and family, an extra pair of Joy-Cons is a must. The detachable controllers typically retail for a pricey $80, but you can pick up a set for only $60 during Prime Day. Joy-Cons come in a variety of vibrant colors, some of which may have sold out, so click the link below to see all the options that are still available.

See deal at Amazon

FastSnail Grips, 2-pack - on sale for $12.34 (was $20) at Amazon
FastSnail Grips, 2-pack - on sale for $12.34 (was $20) at Amazon

FastSnail Joy-Con Grips

Switch's Joy-Cons make it easy to set up a multiplayer gaming session anywhere you go, but they're not exactly comfortable to hold. If you play the console with friends and family often, then you might want to consider FastSnail's Joy-Con grips, which make the detachable controllers a little more ergonomic. A two-pack typically runs for $20, but you can pick one up for only $12.34 right now on Amazon.

See deal at Amazon

As we said earlier, Switch accessories are almost as notoriously expensive as the games themselves. But if the Switch is your primary gaming system, it definitely doesn't hurt to invest in at least a few essentials: a Pro controller, a hard-shell travel case, a microSD memory card, etc. Here are some of the best accessory deals available now.

Best Prime Day Switch accessory deals

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Nintendo Switch Online: Get one year free

This isn't a new thing, but here's a reminder in case it flew under the radar for you: You can get a free year of Nintendo Switch Online if you're an Amazon Prime member, just by linking your Twitch account to your Amazon Prime account. You have until September 24 to claim your first three months free and until January 22, 2020 to claim the additional nine.

Get 12 months of free Nintendo Switch Online

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Avatar image for ZombieVirolina

These are “deals”?

Avatar image for edwardnygma

These are NOT good deals.

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I cant believe nintendo can get away with these prices and release the lite version so they can milk the original while justifying its price and only drop it on soft sales. They know if they release a pro version they lose money on the original so I don't see that coming till its lifespan is about up and there close to teasing the next gen.

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$50 for DK. A Wii U port.

Avatar image for boardsport311

Garbage deals.

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I'm still gonna hold out in case they plan on announcing a enhanced Switch model. I'd be upset if I go and buy a brand new Switch just to have Nintendo say "Oh, by the way, we have a much more powerful Switch model releasing this coming holiday season."....

Avatar image for bigbluebustn

@tocool340: they have a new filing for a different SoC, my guess is its the pro version so might not be long until they announce

Avatar image for bdrtfm

If there is one thing I've learned in selling video games in my electronics sales and service shop is that Nintendo 1st party games actually worth playing rarely go below $40 if ever. People get annoyed with us when we sell them used for $40 but we have no choice. That's just how it is with Nintendo games.

By the way, is there not going to be a "Best of Xbox One Prime Day Deals"? Are they not going have any Xbox One game deals at all or has Gamestop just given up on Xbox One articles completely? They already have a best of table top games prime day deals but nothing Xbox. I mean what the hell? I've looked everywhere on the site and even googled it and nothing.

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Ohhhh I cannot WAIT to see what asinine, cancerous arguments the Nintendo apologists are gonna come up with to justify these prices!

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@rawkstar007: Can't be worse than the cheap filth who come to the comments to complain about all the things they can't afford in life.

Gamers: pick one of the most expensive hobbies.

Gamers: Complains about expensive hobby.

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Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should...

And LOL at the Diablo 3 “deal”. It released at $39.95. ?

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@ZombieVirolina: Show me who else is selling portable diablo 3 for less?

Avatar image for ZombieVirolina

@Bread_or_Decide: That’s the issue. A year old game on the Switch actually went UP in price and they call it a “sale”. ?

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Well, Nintendo has enough pay pigs to get away with these prices.

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These “sales” are no better than what discounts you could fine at most stores, including Amazon!

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Pretty shit deals. Octopath $45 after a year?

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was released in 2017 and it's still this expensive?

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@sweet_jcs: I don't think gamers have a good concept of what should cost what and when.

Not everything is $2 like on steam. Not every game is worthless and drops to $10 bucks.

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@Bread_or_Decide: I'll be 40 years old this year dude, I understand supply and demand. But if God of War, Spider-Man, The Division 2, etc can either drop in price after a year or way less than a year, then so can Nintendo. I thought they were in the business of selling games, not collectibles. If the game were brand new I would expect to pay retail $60. The cheapest Xenoblade has dropped is $35 on black friday last year. I also understand that I'm a cheapassgamer and will probably just pirate the fucking game. **** Nintendo.

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@sweet_jcs: Toyota, Honda, they go on sale. Porsche, Cadillac, these do not. It's not Nintendo's fault these other companies value themselves and their games so little. Two months after release Spiderman and Gow are already ten to twenty dollars cheaper. At that rate why even pay full price ever for games that can't retain value so close to their release date.

Nintendo games have value. Pirating their games won't help the situation, heck you'll probably make it worse.

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@Bread_or_Decide: Nintendo is not a "premium brand". Premium brands don't lose money like they have in recent years. "Premium" is just a marketing ploy. There are really no "premium brands" in video games. The cost of entry for VR made it "premium" for some, and now it has lowered.

Spiderman released in September and didn't drop until black friday, just like xenoblade chronicles and every other game not released that week. God of war was even longer from its time of release. I say this because I was tracking the drops because I was going to buy them and wasn't going to pay full retail.

Pirating will make the situation worse? For whom? Not me. I'm about to mod my switch and then my next nintendo purchase *might* be a new switch if they come out with a switch pro. Their online services are non-existent, so I have no need for multiplayer in 99% of the games I play. You know what stops piracy? Reasonable pricing of games that are almost 2 years old. This is how capitalism works. You pay the "premium" full price at release if you want it right away, and with all the bugs and false promises developers spew about features and non broken gameplay I don't know why anyone would. Then the price drops over time as demand lowers. The game has sold 1.73 million copies on a system that has sold 34.74 million units. That's not a game that is in demand.

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@sweet_jcs: You want to justify stealing, then I don't think you're the kind of person who would buy it at any price. Just steal it. We don't need your excuses, thief.

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@Bread_or_Decide: Found one!

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@neurogia: Yep, well spotted. It was only a matter of time lol

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Those are not great deals.

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Just bought a Switch this past week. Do first party games ever drop below $40 or even 30, 'cause yikes if not.

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@kami_amaya: Some do but the more popular ones do not. Nintendo might do a players choice (Usually $20) in the future but so far they haven't done so with the switch

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@chansaet: RIP my wallet then. Thanks for the info tho lol

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Won't pay over $150 for a Switch. Besides, by then most of the games I want will be $20 so it'll be worth the wait.