End of Nations Goes Free to Play

End of Nations invites players to try their hand at global domination free of charge.


End of Nations

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Trion Worlds announced today that its upcoming massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game End of Nations will be free to play. Developed by Petroglyph Games (Star Wars: Empire at War), the game puts players in control of a small group of units and encourages them to work with their teammates to achieve victory. "We see End of Nations as a core real-time strategy game," said Dave Luehmann, vice president of third-party development at Trion. The Western market is starting to come around to the idea of free to play, he explained, and we feel by using this model, it will lower the barrier to entry for a lot of players.

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"You cannot buy your way to the top," added David Reid, senior vice president of publishing at Trion. Reid went on to say that the types of items you'll be able to buy will include unit skins, accelerators for experience gain or wealth, and other customization options. And most of these items can be purchased using wealth you earn in the game. All of the game's features, both solo and multiplayer, will also be available free of charge. The shop will be largely for convenience items only, and if you know you won't be spending any money on the game, Reid noted that you won't have to enter your credit card information to access it.

Trion also announced that End of Nations will be receiving a collector's edition, both digital and physical. The physical version will be the only version of the game available at retail, and it will include in-game extras, as well as actual collector's items (what these items are specifically is still unconfirmed). Prepaid game cards will also be available at retail. The digital version of the collector's edition will only include the in-game extras.

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