Emulator Allows 4K PlayStation 1 Games To Run On Xbox Series X|S

The PS1 emulator, DuckStation, has been ported to Xbox Series X|S.


A port of an emulator for original PlayStation games, DuckStation, is now available to manually install onto Xbox Series X|S consoles. Not only can players now play PS1 games on the latest Xbox consoles, but DuckStation also has the ability to upscale the games to native 4K at 60fps.

As noted by VGC, YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer has demonstrated how DuckStation can run on Xbox consoles. DuckStation also gives players the ability to turn on True Color Rendering, which disables the white noise dithering effect that the original PlayStation had. Additionally, Texture Filtering can be turned on which makes the blocky textures on 3D objects appear smoother as they get bigger.

DuckStation can also fix texture warping, which is when straight edges warp or shake as the camera pans across a scene. This is a common issue with PS1 games, observed mostly in the 3D intensive games such as Metal Gear Solid.

By default, games run at whatever their original framerate is. This is to avoid any issues as these titles were never intended to run at 60fps. DuckStation simply just has the option to overclock the emulated CPU. Modern Vintage Gamer explains that DuckStation recently received a Universal Windows Platform Xbox port, and as a result can now emulate PS1 titles on consoles like Xbox Series X|S.

Obviously, emulation isn't the official use for these consoles. If you want to use DuckStation, you must put your Xbox Series X|S into Developer Mode and then install the emulator manually. It essentially has to act like a development kit.

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