Empire expands FlatOut to 360

Company set to bring reckless rag-doll race to next generation with Total Carnage; PSP development includes Taito Legends, Ford Street Racing.


Empire Interactive's demolition racing FlatOut franchise is revving up for its next-gen debut, according to the publisher's year-end financial results. In its filing, the publisher runs down its support for the different consoles, "which currently includes one title for the next-generation Microsoft Xbox 360 console (FlatOut: Total Carnage)."

The original FlatOut crash-landed on American shelves in July of last year. It drew attention for its destructible cars and scenery, as well as sadistic minigames that involve driving into barriers at high speeds and ejecting the rag-doll-physics-equipped driver to hit targets, like a giant dartboard or bowling pins. The game sold well (Empire claims more than 500,000 copies sold in North America alone), and FlatOut 2 is planned for release on the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 this fall.

The company also said it would be bringing a pair of series it has been involved with to the PSP later this year. In addition to a PSP edition of the retro arcade compilation Taito Legends, Empire is working on a version of Ford Street Racing for Sony's portable. It was unclear if these titles would be making their way to North America. Sega handled North American distribution of the Taito Legends console game for Xbox, PS2, and PC, while Eidos is set to publish Ford Street Racing on the same platforms.

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