Emperor: Battle for Dune screens

Take a look at these new screenshots from Westwood's upcoming 3D real-time strategy game.


Westwood Studios has released some new screenshots from its upcoming 3D real-time strategy game Emperor: Battle for Dune. The game is Westwood's first foray into the world of 3D strategy games, and it is set in the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert in his popular series of sci-fi novels. Players assume control of one of three playable factions, the House Atreides, the Harkonnen, and the Ordos. Each faction has a different set of units.

Westwood also released some details about one of the units featured in the game, the Harkonnen engineer. While they aren't as powerful in combat as the flamethrower infantry or as fast as the scout, the engineers have the ability to make emergency battlefield repairs and convert enemy structures for Harkonnen occupation. The engineer is also equipped with a pistol for self-defense.

For more information about Emperor: Battle for Dune, take a look at our previous coverage, which includes a screenshot gallery, media files, and an in-depth preview of the game. Emperor: Battle for Dune is scheduled for release in June.

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