Emergency Mayhem resuscitated for Wii

Game previously abandoned in wake of Acclaim collapse picked up, headed for North American release on new system courtesy of Warner Bros., Codemasters.


The original Acclaim went under in 2004, but its last few projects haven't let a little thing like the death of their publisher keep them from being released. After Acclaim's bankruptcy, THQ quickly picked up and later released the street racer Juiced, and last month XS Games released The Red Star while Aspyr brought Made Man (formerly Interview with a Made Man) to retail.

Yet another Acclaim game is set to arrive at retailers, as a Warner Bros. Interactive representative confirmed for GameSpot today that it will be distributing the defunct company's driving game Emergency Mayhem. Originally announced for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, Emergency Mayhem is being adapted for the Wii by Codemasters, and is one of a handful of the publisher's titles that Warner Bros. will release in North America.

No details have been revealed about the game in its current incarnation, but as introduced at the 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo, Emergency Mayhem was a tongue-in-cheek action driving game that put players in control of fire, police, and medical response vehicles in Crisis City. True to its name, Crisis City is beset by all manner of calamities, and the Crazy Taxi-style game required players to navigate traffic to reach scenes of trouble, where they would then play minigames to put out literal and metaphorical fires.

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