Embrace Your Inner Postal Worker In Lake, An Upcoming Adventure Game

Still have that itch to deliver packages after completing Death Stranding? Maybe Lake can scratch that for you.


During the first day of the Guerrilla Showcase, developer Gamious released a new trailer for its upcoming adventure game Lake. The game sees you take control of a postal worker in 1986 Providence Oaks, Oregon.

"You take on the role of 40-something Meredith Weiss, who returns to her beautiful hometown Providence Oaks in Oregon," Gamious writes on Steam. "She exchanges her busy career job to temporary fill in for her dad, a mail carrier."

The developer continues: "Meredith has an eventful two weeks. She meets lots of new people, gets into romances, helps prevent the construction of apartments, gets reconnected with her bff, rats or bails out a colleague, and gets pushed by her boss back home to recommit to her career job."

Gameplay-wise, Lake is both an open world driving simulator and a point-and-click adventure game. You can also make different narrative choices throughout the story, which will shape Meredith's relationships with the people she meets and lead to one of three different endings.

Lake will release for PC and current-gen consoles and is currently scheduled to launch sometime in Q4 2020.

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