Emailed Joke About Nintendo Direct Causes Campus Scare

The California State University Fullerton Police issued a statement about the "vague, perceived threat."


California State University, Fullerton Police have issued a statement about a perceived threat to a professor in a email, and it now appears that it was in fact a joking reference to the upcoming Nintendo Direct.

According to a statement from CSUF Police, the email referenced a "once-in-a-lifetime event" and asked that the professor cancel class on February 8 for "the good of humanity." Detectives discovered "after hours of investigation" that the class would be taking place at the same date and time as today's Nintendo Direct. Afterwards, the individual reached out to the professor and said that the email was "a bad joke" regarding Nintendo's announcement stream.

However, the statement clarifies that additional officers will patrol campus and K9 units will walk the buildings "out of an abundance of caution." It appears the police are leaning toward it being a joke about the Nintendo Direct, judging by the statement's wording. The vagueness of the email caused the professor's and the police's concern. Hopefully, CSUF students and staff will be and feel safe despite the confusion and increased police presence.

If you are skipping class to check out the Nintendo Direct, here's how you can watch it. In other Nintendo news, a page on the eShop lists The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's price at $70. News about the game is expected to be aired during the upcoming direct.

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