Elves rising in Disciples II

Strategy First reveals plans for The Rise of the Elves, a new stand-alone expansion for Disciples II.


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After releasing two stand-alone Disciples II expansions this summer, Strategy First's next step for the turn-based strategy series is coming this fall, with the release of a new expansion, Disciples II: The Rise of the Elves.

The expansion will mark the first time that elves are playable in the Disciples world, and 35 new elven units will be added to the game. The elven race enters the battle for Nevendaar to reclaim its forests, and there are two factions that enter the fray. The noble elves rule from elaborate fortresses, built within the trees, and prefer the path of diplomacy to that of conflict. Driven by intolerance, the wild elves have become forest predators, essentially living as bandits. Over the course of a new eight-quest campaign, the challenge will be to unite the scattered elven tribes.

The Rise of the Elves will also feature more than 20 new unique spells for the elves, new neutral units and bosses, a number of saga-based skirmishes, and the first official massive-sized map.

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