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Elon Musk Praises Halo Infinite, Gets Asked To Make Warthog Cybertruck

Xbox marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg asked Musk for the collaboration on Twitter.


Halo Infinite is a good game, and few are going to argue that point. One person who recently discovered the campaign mode was Tesla boss Elon Musk, and his praises have resulted in calls for the Cybertruck to get a special Halo-themed Warthog edition.

Because this is the internet, it all started with just five words from Musk: "Halo Infinite campaign is good." From there, he received a huge number of replies, including recognition from the official Halo account.

Does the world's richest person use Game Pass to get his Halo fix, or did he pay for the game outright? That we don't know, but Xbox marketing general manager Aaron Greenberg asked Musk for a collaboration. Given the upcoming Cybertruck's shape bearing some resemblance to a certain Halo vehicle, the choice was obvious.

Now, if something like this were to ever actually happen, it would probably have to sacrifice a few things. Firstly, there could not be a mini-gun or rocket turret on the back of the vehicle, and Tesla would probably have to include seatbelts. Any final product would probably be a bit more similar to the Razorback variant seen in Halo Infinite, which lacks weaponry but includes a lot of storage space.

Halo Infinite is currently in its first season, with 343 Industries addressing ongoing Big Team Battle issues as more content rolls into the game. Additionally, the Paramount+ Halo series is set to kick off in March, and you can watch the full trailer now.

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