Elon Musk Loves Halo, Apparently

When asked what console games he enjoys, the world's richest person made his position clear: he only likes Halo.


Tech magnate Elon Musk has never been shy about offering his opinions on a variety of topics, and video games are no different. When a fan asked him on Twitter if he enjoys any console games, Musk offered a simple reply: "Only Halo." The main social media account for the franchise was quick to reply, along with its community director.

This exchange came after Musk tweeted about CD Projekt's controversial game Cyberpunk, stating that that the game is so buggy that "even the hotfixes literally have hotfixes." That said, he still apparently feels that it's a "great game." Musk's previous tweets about the game boosted CD Projekt's stock, and his girlfriend Grimes plays a role in the game. Musk previously stated that he "probably won't sue" an Bulgarian indie dev who wants to use the SpaceX logo in his Mars survival simulator, and he's made his love for Overwatch very clear.

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Musk announced a hiatus on Twitter on February 2. While he didn't give a reason for the move, his behavior has attracted controversy in recent days, specifically surrounding the ongoing surge of "meme stocks" like GameStop and AMC. When Discord suspended the WallStreetBets server for "hate speech" and "glorifying violence," Musk had this to say: "Even Discord has gone corpo…" Musk himself has been accused of union-busting behavior in his own companies in the past.

As for Halo, we still don't know when Halo Infinite is coming to PC and Xbox Series X. 343 Industries recently announced that the game's sandbox content is now in the polishing stage. We also recently learned that Infinite will ditch the series' old shotgun, replacing it with a more balanced weapon called the Bulldog, which fires and reloads faster, though it deals much less damage.

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