Elon Musk Looking To Recruit Game Devs For Tesla

Don't play games and drive, but what if the car was doing the driving?

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The entrepreneur Elon Musk has put out a call for game developers to come work for his electric car company, Tesla. Specifically, he's looking for developers who can work on games that can be played within a Tesla itself, using smart devices and the on-board screen.

In a series of tweets, Musk asked aspiring devs to consider applying to make "super fun games." He said the company is interested in ways to make the Tesla's center touchscreen, the phone, and the car all work together in tandem. He requests prior work samples and says "max playability and creativity" is the priority.

The phrasing would seem to imply games that can be played while actually in a Tesla car. That raises some possible safety concerns, but part of Tesla's current mission is to make its cars self-driving. Presumably any potential game applications could be used by a passenger, or while the car is in auto-pilot mode, which is still being developed.

Musk himself has been a lighting rod for controversy lately, having made public-facing statements that opened him to criticism. Just recently he used Tesla's earnings call to issue an apology for his behavior on the last one, in which he had sharp criticism for "boring" and "boneheaded" questions from analysts.

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The only Easter Egg my car has is "Oil Panic"

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‘Super’ fun? ‘Super’ **** off. Yeah, I’m THAT witty...

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Yeah they should ONLY implement this after they've completed the self driving part. So many fckin casuals are going to get rekt(literally) trying to game and drive at the same time.

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This guy, I swear! He's funny for a rich guy. Then again, he did sell flame throwers.