Ellen Page needed for Beyond: Two Souls, says David Cage

Quantic Dream boss says he would have been in "deep sh**" if Juno actress had declined role in upcoming PS3 exclusive; actress not a gamer, but excited about script.


Quantic Dream boss David Cage has told CVG that he had only one name in mind for the lead role in the studio's upcoming PlayStation 3-exclusive Beyond: Two Souls: Juno and Inception actress Ellen Page.

What would have happened if Page had said no?
What would have happened if Page had said no?

"If she had said no I would have been in deep sh**. For me, it was really obvious it could only be her," Cage explained.

The developer said he sent Page a package with the script for Beyond: Two Souls, as well as a copy of the company's previous game, Heavy Rain, to entice her to accept the role. Cage claimed Page's agent was quick to respond, saying the actress "loved" the script and was eager to be a part of the project.

Cage claimed that Page decided to take the role in Beyond: Two Souls not because she necessarily is a gamer, but because she has an adventurous spirit.

"If you look at her filmography, she likes to take risks," he said. "She was in Inception, but also Juno and Hard Candy. She likes new things, she likes to experiment, and I think that's why she chose to act in a game."

Beyond: Two Souls was announced during Sony's 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo media briefing in June. Cage claimed the game would be emotional, mature, and unique, going on to say he wants to create moments that players remember for a long time. It is due out during spring 2013.

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