Elizabeth Olsen And Jimmy Fallon Travel Through Tonight Show Eras WandaVision Style

The WandaVision star headed to The Tonight Show for a time-traveling sketch to promote the show's finale this week.


WandaVision airs its finale on Disney+ this week and Elizabeth Olsen was making the late-night rounds to promote it. She made a small stop at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and appeared in a sketch that showcased the talk show through the decades a la WandaVision.

Starting in the 1950s with a set that mirrored that of The Tonight Show Steve Allen years, then on to the decades with Johnny Carson, and finally to Jay Leno and Jimmy's own set. There was even a nod to Conan O'Brien but it was more of a riff of his Late Night set back in the mid-90s. You can check it out below.

WandaVision, much like Disney+'s other big hit The Mandolorian, is at the center of the pop-cultural zeitgeist right now with the soundtrack and the song Agatha All Along, hitting the top of Spotify's streaming charts.

Much like the sketch, the show pays homage to television through the years, but not just as entertainment but as a coping mechanism of escapism. In last week's episode, we saw how Wanda buried herself in old sitcoms as a way to remember her family. Her love for them was the basis of Westview and trapping each citizen to recreate that atmosphere.

The WandaVision finale airs Friday on Disney+.

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