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Elite: Dangerous Xbox One Release Date Revealed

David Braben also talks about whether its expansion will be released on Microsoft's console.


Frontier Developments has announced the Xbox One version of its space exploration sim, Elite: Dangerous, will launch on October 6.

Speaking in a Reddit AMA, studio CEO David Braben answered a series of quickfire questions. Along with confirming the release date, he said those that played the game as part of the Xbox Preview Program will get an exclusive reward for participating.

Braben went on to reveal the game's first expansion, Elite Dangerous: Horizon, would also released on Xbox One. He didn't, however, provide a timeframe for when the content would be available.

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At E3 2015, Microsoft announced the Xbox Game Preview, a programme that allows users to trial and buy games that are still in-development. Among the first wave of included titles was Elite: Dangerous.

Xbox Game Preview is functionally similar to the Steam Early Access programme, but instead of buying an unfinished product up-front, Xbox One owners are able to play a trial, then decide if they want to commit.

Although Elite: Dangerous is currently only available on PC and Xbox One, Braben has said it will eventually ship on a number of platforms, including PlayStation 4.

"The Xbox One [release] is a timed exclusive," he said previously, going on to add it will come to "Mac of course, then down the line [Frontier] will support more [platforms], including PS4."

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