Elite: Dangerous Powerplay Launch Trailer Invites Players to Conquer the Galaxy

Fight for control of the Milky Way.


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Elite: Dangerous yesterday got a free major update called Powerplay, which add faction gameplay to the space simulator, developer Frontier Developments has announced.

Each faction, or "Power," is an organization that controls a section of human-occupied space. Each is led by a different figurehead, and comes with a different biography, political leaning, and faction-specific perks. Players can join one of these Powers, guide their strategy and take on special mission to earn valuable perks, reputation bonuses and credits.

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Players can take combat-oriented missions or work to expand a Power's trade monopoly.

Frontier Developments said that the changes to the mission system are so comprehensive that any incomplete missions you have in progress at the time of the update will be removed from your mission list.

You can find out more about the update in the complete patch notes here.

Frontier Developments also released a training video for the Powerplay update, which you can watch below.

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