Elite: Dangerous Big Co-Op Update Out Now

Elite: Dangerous now lets you form "wings" of four players.


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Frontier Developments has released an update for its space sim Elite: Dangerous that significantly improves the way you can play it with friends, the developer has announced.

The Wings update introduces a variety of new cooperative features that were missing at launch. Players can now join and invite other players to "wings," a group of up to four ships that can travel the galaxy together, coordinate attacks, and share bounties. Basically, it gives you a convenient way to do everything you were already doing in Elite: Dangerous, but with friends.

Since players have more power in groups, the Wings update also introduces new signal sources that will present players with larger, more dangerous encounters that challenge them to work together and reap greater rewards. For a more detailed breakdown of what's included in the Wings update, check out the video guide below, or the full patch notes here.

Wings also adds two new playable ships to the game, the "sleek and deadly" Zorgon Peterson Fer De Lance, and the powerful heavy gunship Vulture.

If you're mainly a console player who's been watching PC players fly through space with envy, you're in luck. Last week Frontier Developments announced that the game is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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