Elite Beat Agents dev launches 'tower offense' game for iOS and Android

Inis currently working with social game company Zynga to promote Eden to Green worldwide.


Gamers familiar with rhythm game developer Inis will be happy to know that the company has launched a new title for the iOS and Android platforms.

Inis makes a huge jump from rhythm games to turn-based strategy.
Inis makes a huge jump from rhythm games to turn-based strategy.

Surprising many who have played the developer's past efforts like Elite Beat Agents and Gitaroo Man, the developer's new game is a turn-based strategy title called Eden to Green. It's billed as a "tower offense" game according to Inis chief creative office Keiichi Yano (via GamesBeat), and in it players are charged with expanding their territory using sentient plants, fruits, and vegetables while fending off evil mechanized armies.

Inis is working with Zynga through the company's third-party publishing platform. The social game company is planning to promote the title heavily and will be targeting the midcore audience.

Eden to Green is out now in Canada and will launch in other parts of the world soon this month.

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