Elite And Planet Coaster Getting Retail Releases In 2017

Planet Coaster PC release arrives May 23, but Elite doesn't have a date yet.


Elite: Dangerous and Planet Coaster will be available in retail stores in 2017, developer Frontier has announced.

Planet Coaster will be available on PC from May 23, while Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition will arrive later this year for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A more specific release date for Elite has not been revealed.

Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition features the Elite: Dangerous base game, its Horizons expansion, and 1000 Frontier points, which are used to purchase cosmetic items in-game.

In GameSpot's Elite Dangerous review, Nick Capozzoli said "simply existing in Elite: Dangerous is enough to drive home its incredible scale" but "most of space is populated only by stale trading systems and fetch quests."

The Horizon expansion later allowed players and, according to Frontier, gives people the ability "explore planet surfaces, meet the elusive Engineers, craft new technologies, pilot a ship-launched fighter into every firefight, and unlock Multicrew co-op with players from around the world."

GameSpot's Planet Coaster review awarded the title a 9/10, with Edmond Tran praising its construction tools for being "effortlessly intuitive and encouraging."

He continued: "The minutiae of its management variables are fun to tinker with for obsessive players, though it won't punish those who don't find satisfaction there. This is a game focused on the positivity that amusement parks can bring, one that fosters even the smallest spark of imagination and creativity.

"Planet Coaster's scenario-based maps are a delightful challenge, the included assets are full of character, and its Steam Workshop community is a stupefying bounty of creative talent and inexhaustible content. It's a game that occupies your thoughts when you're not playing it, and it's thoroughly captivating when you are."

Planet Coaster was also included in GameSpot's Game of the Year 2016 list.

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