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Elisabeth Moss Broke Her Back Filming New Show, Worked The Next Day

The Mad Men star got back to work very quickly despite suffering a scary injury.


Elisabeth Moss, the Emmy-winning actor who starred on West Wing, Mad Men, and Handmaid's Tale, has revealed she sustained a serious injury when filming the new Hulu show The Veil. Speaking to Variety, Moss revealed that she broke her spine when filming a scene where her character, an undercover MI6 agent named Imogen, was running on a rooftop to evade an attacker. The scene was filmed on location at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

The scene, as it's shown on the series, was the second time it was filmed. The first time it was filmed, Moss smashed into a wall "the wrong way" and she "ended up lying on the roof for a couple hours."

Denise Di Novi, a producer on The Veil, was with Moss when the mishap took place. Di Novi said Moss "fractured a vertebra really badly," but wanted to continue filming.

"We actually shot the next day at the airport, those are the Paris airport scenes you see [in the episode], and I actually have, like, a broken back," Moss said. "I tried to get them to put a green blanket over me, and just VFX me out. I was like, 'Look, just put the green blanket over me and you can scrub me out in post.'"

As for the rooftop scene, Moss said she was concerned the team wouldn't be able to return to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to try again, but FX made it happen. "It's not like that is an easy thing to accomplish," she said.

The Veil premieres April 30 on FX. In addition to Moss, the show stars Yumna Marwan and James Purefoy. The show was created by Peaky Blinders' Steven Knight.

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