Elijah Wood Wants To Be In A Star Wars Or Marvel Project

"It'd be totally awesome, because it's at such an insane scale."


The Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood has said he's open to the idea of returning to a "giant sandbox" type of production in the future. The actor is of course no stranger to giant films, as he starred in The Lord of the Rings and voices Jace Rucklin in Star Wars Resistance. But recently, Wood has been mainly involved in smaller-scale productions, like his new Ted Bundy movie No Man Of God, which is out now. In the future, Wood said he would consider getting involved in a movie with an "insane scale" like a Marvel film or a live-action Star Wars.

"I think that's just inherently fun," he told ET Online. "I haven't had a chance to play in a giant sandbox in a while…Star Wars gets precedent because I'm a huge Star Wars fan. So more of that, certainly in the live-action sphere, would be awesome," he said. "But working on a Marvel film, I mean, there's obviously a whole conversation that happens certainly in film Twitter about sort of the cinematic relevance of Marvel. Is it cinema? All this sort of sh*t. And whether you like superhero movies or not, they are inherently fun. And those movies are extremely well made."

"I think getting to play again in that universe's sandbox would be a blast. It'd be totally awesome, because it's at such an insane scale," he added.

Wood can now be seen in No Man Of God as FBI analyst Bill Hagmaier. The movie focuses on the relationship between Hagmaier and the serial killer Ted Bundy (Luke Kirby).

In other news, Wood recently reacted to Lord of the Rings memes, saying he doesn't have much of a social media presence so he hasn't really heard of the "keep your secrets" meme and others.

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