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Elgato Reveals New Suite Of Streamer Gear For First-Time And Veteran Creators

Elgato has pulled back the curtain on nine products in total, which include the company's first official webcam and brand-new mic arms.


Technology manufacturer Elgato has unveiled a bunch of new products geared toward streamers of all followings and sizes, including a webcam, mic arms, mounts, and even a browser-based program to build the perfect setup.

The company revealed the products piecemeal on Twitter following its roughly 30-minute July 15 livestream. Each one is purchasable from Elgato's website and range from $100-$200. There are also bundles available to buy.

Perhaps the most scintillating of the bunch is the brand-new Elgato Facecam, the company's first official webcam that sits on top of a computer monitor. Retailing at $200, the Facecam shoots uncompressed 1080p video at 60fps and packs some high-end tech--like a Sony Starvis sensor typically found in DSLR cameras and other camcorders--in a small, plug-and-play chassis. The Facecam also features an all-glass lens with ultra-low distortion to produce a high-quality, wide-angle image regardless of lighting.

Facecam ships with the Camera Hub software, a UI that lets content creators customize the webcam's settings. This includes things like noise reduction, white balance, and zoom. And regardless of what computer Facecam is plugged into, Camera Hub stores settings with the onboard flash memory.

Along with the Facecam, Elgato revealed two new mic arms: the Wave Mic Arm and Wave Mic Arm LP, both retailing for $100. They're essentially the same thing, with the latter being a "low profile" version. This means that instead of vertical like traditional mic arms, the Wave Mic Arm LP has a horizontal hinge to ensure the microphone doesn't show up on camera.

There is a wall mount for a variety of Elgato products, an update to the Stream Deck (called Stream Deck MK.2), and light extension strips. In total, the company showcased nine products. Check out the presentation below.

For those curious about how these new products might fit into their setup, or for anyone looking to build a new one, the company also released the Elgato Studio Configurator. The program, built using the Unity game engine, lets creators construct 3D renderings of their ideal setup inside any web browser. Creators can plug in various streamer equipment, like ring lights and wave panels, as well as take a look at the newly announced Elgato products.

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