Elgato Cam Link Pro Is A Capture Card For Multi-Camera Streamers

The Elgato Cam Link Pro can ingest four different camera feeds for use during livestreaming or recording.


Elgato has announced its latest capture card, a higher-end version of its Elgato Cam Link. The Elgato Cam Link Pro is a new internal HDMI interface that can ingest up to four different camera feeds. This allows for streamers to switch between four different shots on the fly, perfect for those who are shooting podcasts or studio shows. The Elgato Cam Link Pro is a high-end option for this kind of production, which brings with it a hefty price: $360.

In addition to taking in each individual feed, you're able to display any number of your four feeds as one single feed with Multiview. This means you can display two, three, or even four feeds at once in a Zoom call or switch between them on the fly with the Cam Link Pro's built-in Stream Deck integration--it's not required, but you can control the Cam Link Pro's feeds with an Elgato Stream Deck.

The Elgato Cam Link Pro seems like a great option for streamers, and if you're interested in more, check out our guide to the best streaming accessories. It covers everything from the best webcams and microphones to capture cards and more.

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