Eleven is Street Fighter 5's Newest Bonus Character

Confirming leaks, Capcom has announced that Eleven will be a bonus character in this season of Street Fighter 5. No, not the one from Stranger Things.


A new fighter has been revealed for Street Fighter 5's final season of content updates, and it's a throwback to a character from Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. The new character is Eleven, an apparent precursor to SF3's Twelve. Eleven will be a bonus sixth character, on top of the five other characters already planned for the season.

The presentation outlined the content roadmap, which included a small thumbnail image of the new character. Similar to SF3's Twelve, the new character is all-white and looks rather alien.

Eleven had briefly leaked before the presentation, and fans concluded he must be the secret final character for this last season pass. That doesn't seem to be the case, however, as the content roadmap showed the final character still obscured, with Eleven listed as bonus content.

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Most of the SF5 presentation took a closer look at Rose and Dan, who will be available on February 22, along with a series of balance changes and the new V-Shift system. We also got our first look at Oro, very briefly at the end of the presentation.

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