Elevator Action: Death Parade First Look

Taito's classic spy action game is making a comeback as a gun-shooting arcade machine.


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TOKYO--One of the hidden surprises at the 46th Amusement Machine show in Japan is sure to please old-school gamers. Taito unveiled that it's currently making a gun-shooting game based on its classic 1983 arcade game, Elevator Action.

In this new light gun shooting game, titled Elevator Action: Death Parade, you get to play with a partner and use an elevator while beating enemies. You'll be using a button to open and close the elevator's doors, moving through floors as you shoot down your foes. There's a metallic door that slides open and shut in front of the game's LCD screen, giving the game a real elevator feeling.

Back in the original 1983 game, you played as a spy collecting secret documents in a building and moved from floor to floor on elevators, defeating enemies that appeared from closed doors. We're assuming that Elevator Action: Death Parade would follow a similar concept, though Taito hasn't released its official storyline and didn't have a playable cabinet.

In terms of specs, Elevator Action: Death Parade's cabinet is quite pumped up, featuring a 50-inch screen and 5.1 surround sound. The game is currently in development for the Taito Type-X2 board for a 2009 summer release in Japan.

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