Electronics Arts announces Ty the Tasmanian Tiger for Xbox

EA announces plans to bring its upcoming platformer to multiple consoles.


Electronic Arts announced that it will be releasing its upcoming action platformer, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, for Microsoft's Xbox console. The game will be a character-based 3D platformer, and it's currently being developed by Australia-based Krome Studios. The game's star is a boomerang-wielding Tasmanian tiger, and, in keeping with its setting, the game is set to feature a cast of indigenous Australian wildlife. Gameplay will include standard platform jumping as well as puzzle solving and combat. Ty's move set will include running, jumping, swimming, and gliding. In addition, Ty's boomerang will be upgradable.

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger is currently slated to ship this fall for the Xbox, alongside the already announced PlayStation 2 and GameCube versions of the game.

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