Electronic Arts revs up new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

E3 2010: EA reimagining the '90s racer for the "connected generation" with new online features, debuting November 16 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii.


Last year ex-Electronic Arts COO John Pleasants revealed that Criterion Games, famous for its work on the Burnout series, would assume development duties on the Need for Speed series and promised a new NFS title for 2010. Today, on stage at EA's Electronic Entertainment Expo press briefing, that prophecy came true.

Criterion creative director Craig Sullivan announced this afternoon that Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC will ship in North America on November 16. The game will ship in Europe on November 18 and the UK on November 19. The game is said to be inspired by the 1998 racer of the same name, and according to Sullivan, is a "reimagining the franchise for a connected generation." In Hot Pursuit, players will be able to play through the game's entire campaign as a cop or a racer.

From the creators of Burnout, comes this NFS reimagining.
From the creators of Burnout, comes this NFS reimagining.

In addition to the familiar series mainstays, Hot Pursuit will introduce the Need for Speed Autolog. This online destination lets players find and face off against each other on the track and compare performance and statistics. A brief demo of the Autolog was shown, where Sullivan could see who was online and what records his friends had amassed.

A title bearing the same name, but developed by Exient Entertainment, will come to the Wii the same day as the others in North America. Electronic Arts did not say if the Wii version will include its HD console cousins' Autolog component.

For more on the series, check out GameSpot's brand new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit preview straight from E3 2010.

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I've been convinced a fair amount people haven't really heard of, let alone played the older NFS games? If this is gonna turn out anything like an up-to-date, burnout-esque Need for Speed III, then I'd start saving if I were you..

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owo verry nice

Avatar image for shkar

NFS SHIFT was the game that blew my mind.........I wonder how this one would be...

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Oh. My. God. Criterion too!

Avatar image for Emma_R

YEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another dream coming true. And Criterion, lots of technomusic please yes please.

Avatar image for KrazzyDJ

NFS: Hot Pursuit 2 had the coolest intro sequence ever in an NFS game (according to me) !!!

Avatar image for addictedtochaos

Nice announcement but I'd rather have a new Burnout.

Avatar image for Rudorlf

I've not quite excited for a NFS title after ProStreet, but since Criterion is doing the next title, I'm hyped up now. Bring it on!

Avatar image for gazza_gamerNZ

Hot Pursuit 2 was my favourite NFS game so I'm looking forward to this one.

Avatar image for jrabbit99

Can't wait!!!

Avatar image for Jack_n_Coke07

It's about time EA ditched the whole Underground/Simulation aspect of NFS and returned to it's real roots.

Avatar image for Lord_Sesshy

Yes! Finally!!!

Avatar image for Adam_the_Nerd

Thank you.

Avatar image for LpKing

EA .. im impressed

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THIS is what I've been wanting in an NFS game since Hot Pursuit 2.They better make this a deep, rich game, and not in that lame Underground kind of way which is all cookie cutter.Better have the most exciting high speed cop chases you could ever imagine in it too.

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oh my god x2 wii may get its own version ,, and 360 gets a nfs hot pursuit ,, , you get 110 from me hahah

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Oh. My. God. EA, you can have my $60.

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I'll be looking forward to this one. Time to dust off Hot Pursuit 2.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Always looking forward to more high-definition rubber streaks on roads trailing sleek, shiny cars with mirror polish.

Avatar image for sensei_hEnRY

please Criterion, give back the d-pad steering control on NFS. Since Prostreet, no NFS have it and i hate to play racing game with analog.

Avatar image for MarcJL31

Finally. The Need for Speed that we loved is back. Thank you Criterion.

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MAYBE just maybe they will make a good NEED for speed again. Its been like 10 years since they have had a REALLY good entry

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I have a need... a need for more Need for Speed!

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YAY! I hope they make another burnout though....

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I can not believe this game is coming out! Hot Pursuit 2 was/is the best Need For Speed title ever made: the series fell off the map after that one. Words just can not describe how happy I am about this. Like the first comment on this article says: Criterion most have looked at all the fans that wanted a new Hot Pursuit game. Day 1 Purchase for me.

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Oh man, I had too much fun with Hot Pursuit 2 on the Gamecube, yet I only rented it a few times. Tried Underground, but couldn't stand it. Definitely keeping an eye on this one. EDIT: lawl Burnot.

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Our prayers have been answered! Its like Criterion guys saw all our comments on all the NFS titles here at gamespot! We all wanted Hot Pursuit. Here it is. It's back!!! I