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Electronic Arts E3 2015 Press Conference News Roundup

Sports, guns, and plants!


Electronic Arts continued today's series of press conferences with a lot of good demos from its upcoming games.

EA started off strong with an official reveal of the next Mass Effect game, subtitled Andromeda. It quickly went onto a beautiful demo of the new Need for Speed, and then it announced the charming and intriguing game Unravel. After a discussion of EA's sports franchises, it went on to show Mirror's Edge: Catalyst.

Check out our roundup of all the news below.

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Previously Announced Games With New Info:

  • The new Need for Speed got a release date and a gameplay trailer with FMV. The gameplay looks promising!
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic will receive a new expansion called Knights of the Fallen Empire. It was announced with a cinematic trailer, and it got a release date.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 was shown off with a substantial demo of PvZ’s new map, Zomburia. EA also announced that you can play any mode single-player with AI bots. Finally, PvZ Garden Warfare 1 players can transfer unlocks to the sequel, and the game will also get free content updates.
  • NHL 16 now has a new trailer showing off good-looking faces!
  • NBA Live 16 will have a new and improved app to scan your face and put it on an in-game character. It also has a new system that brings more animations to the gameplay.
  • FIFA 16 received a live-action trailer with some archival footage of important soccer games. Pele came out on stage to discuss the philosophy of making a soccer game. Players will have better-simulated defenses and more precise midfield play. There will be also be more skill moves. Check out our preview here!
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst was shown off with some gameplay videos, and EA announced that it's built on the latest Frostbite engine. There are no levels or loading screens, "You are truly free-roaming." It is Faith's origin story. EA also announced its reveal date, and showed the first substantial cinematic and gameplay trailer.
  • NFL 16 has an overhauled draft system that's meant to make it easier to engage with the strengths and weaknesses of your team. The developer is focusing on quarterbacks' ability to precisely throw to receivers and defensive coverage. It also got a new trailer.
  • Star Wars Battlefront finally got gameplay footage, and it looks great! EA demoed the Battle of Hoth. You can play as Luke and Darth Vader among other Star Wars characters.

Newly Announced Games:

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