Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and BioShock Infinite bundled for $30, no DLC included

Borderlands 2/Dishonored bundle will also be available at retail next month.

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2K Games and Bethesda today announced a pair of $30 bundles, the first of which features The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and BioShock Infinite. The second includes Borderlands 2 and Dishonored. Both launch February 11, but platforms have not been announced yet.

The announcement of both bundles came today through Twitter. The bundles will be on sale only in North America and none of the featured games included any previously released downloadable content.

The partnership may stand out as peculiar, but in fact, 2K and Bethesda partnered up in 2009 to release the BioShock/Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion combo pack.

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Avatar image for hystavito

Infinite has been $7.50 or so multiple times recently, I think it is right now but I forget which site it is.

Avatar image for MapleLeafKush

That's cool.... But I got borderlands 2, and Bioshock Infinite for free from PSN+, and already own dishonored goty, and skyrim

Avatar image for nickyparmar92

I think everyone owns these games by now.

Avatar image for Fitcherman

<< LINK REMOVED >> You thought wrong, I only own one out of four.

Avatar image for nickyparmar92

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I bet it's Skyrim. You should own and play the other three you do not have.

Avatar image for raingamer011

<< LINK REMOVED >>, Nope never played Skyrim in my life until now. been waiting for a price drop,also have been trying to buy myself PS4 for almost two years..

Avatar image for fillup0

Also known as the over rated bundle

Seriously you couldn't throw two more over rated games together, it's almost like it's self aware.

Avatar image for LittleMac19

<< LINK REMOVED >>The term "overrated" is overrated.

Avatar image for raingamer011

<< LINK REMOVED >>, Must feel nice to live in your own delusional world.

Avatar image for Fitcherman

<< LINK REMOVED >> Both of them were contenders if not winners of game of the year. Sounds like a good bundle.

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

Jokes on them, I already bought the Legendary Edition of Skyrim back when it was only $20 on Steam.

Avatar image for IndremaLover

Makes no sense if you've played one of them.

Avatar image for ps3gamer1234

Should included DLC.

Avatar image for neowarrior121

yea not worth it you can buy all 4 games for 30 pounds second hand

Avatar image for franzito

No thanks!

Avatar image for raingamer011


Avatar image for jessie82

weird bundle and why no dlc?

Avatar image for Mr_Mark_Legion

bioshock this month from ps plus. borrowed skyrim. done

Avatar image for raingamer011

<< LINK REMOVED >>, Thing is you don't exactly own those games, Nobody knows if PSN will last forever?which means Sony could shut down PlayStation Store on PS3 within 5 years from now...

Avatar image for Marky360


True thats why I feel like digital platforms like Steam and Origin aren't really very good for consumers because what happens when they no longer exist your games no longer exist either.

Avatar image for raingamer011


Avatar image for QuadDamage85

Sadly all these games without their DLC counterparts are kind of "meh", aside of Bioshock whose DLC sucks.

Avatar image for UltimateBastard

Skyrim's DLC's where shite. It's been the modding community that's kept people still playing a couple years after it's release.

Avatar image for cboye18

Skyrim and Borderlands 2 are great, fun games. The other two are boring...

Avatar image for deactivated-58270bc086e0d

No thanks. I already have all of those except Dishonoured. Be cheaper to just buy Dishonoured for me.

Avatar image for Joeguy00

If you've never played them then all 4 games for $60 would be pretty great and February is pretty quiet game wise too.

Avatar image for HonorOfGod

Skyrim is amazing!! love playing it :D

Avatar image for DiamondDM13

No DLC? Then I'll just get Bioshock Infinite next month aswell, from PS+...

Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Great deal if you haven't played them yet, which I'm not sure how you haven't if that's the case.

Avatar image for MAD_AI

Borderlands 2 without the DLC is too short especially in coop, still great deals people can buy the DLC's on a sale.

Avatar image for shreddyz

what's with the shiny mountain rock formations? Is that on all the mountains in Skyrim? eww

Avatar image for Pupchu

<< LINK REMOVED >> think its just the snow and frost wich makes it appear so

Avatar image for shreddyz

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> umm snow isn't shiny. nor is rock. it looks kind of weird having a shiny texture as if it's polished. Who polished that mountain?

Avatar image for endorbr

And Bioshock Infinite is free on PS+ right now.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

I love every one of these games, but the GOTY/Legendary editions are FAR better deals.

Besides, is it even possible that anyone [who hasn't already played them all] did NOT pick up the dirt-cheap editions on the annual Holiday sales (Steam, XBL, Amazon, retail, etc.)?

Avatar image for Celsius765

it better come to 360 mines has been collecting dust for awhile

Avatar image for dfuknb

@Celsius765 Yeah, 360 never had much to play. All I used mine for was Halo, Gears, Everything else was a waste or just 1 week games.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

<< LINK REMOVED >>LOL... I play on all platforms, but that statement is simply delusional fanboyism. EVERY platform has/had a boatload of exclusives, and all the non-exclusives have more or less the same amount of gameplay across all systems.

Avatar image for wookiegr

A release on next gen consoles would be mindblowingly awesome. Even though I already played through all those on PC...

Avatar image for dfuknb

<< LINK REMOVED >> I was hoping for a PS4 Skyrim because it was the one game i was waiting for and then i hit a rough patch and never could buy it. Now I have a PS4 and all is well and I wanna buy Skyrim.

Avatar image for dalger21

Or just go get Bioshock Infinite on PS+ for free this month.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

<< LINK REMOVED >>Agreed. Despite all the other great games they've had, THAT is the single best deal on the [gaming] planet right now.