Elder Scrolls Online's Next DLC Release Date Announced, PC Players Get It First

Return to the Gold Coast from The Elder Scrolls IV with Dark Brotherhood.


The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online continues to grow and evolve, with its latest DLC pack, Dark Brotherhood, scheduled to come out on May 31 for PC and Mac. Bethesda announced the release date today, also confirming that console versions will come out on June 14 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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Dark Brotherhood is free for people with an ESO Plus membership ($15/month), while it can be purchased separately for 2,000 crowns from the game's virtual marketplace. Crowns are sold in allotments of 750 ($8), 1500 ($15), 3000 ($25), and 5500 ($40).

A Collector's Bundle featuring the DLC, as well as the Highland Wolf mount, the Synvan Nixad ped, and five Crown Experience Scrolls will also be offered, priced at 4000 crowns.

The new Dark Brotherhood DLC pack sees players joining an "infamous guild of assassins" in the region of the Gold Coast, which was last seen in 2006's The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

The content comes with a new passive skill line, "hours" of new quests to take on, more gear, and new world boss encounters, among other things.

"Become the deadliest assassin with a new and exclusive passive skill-line, defend the Brotherhood against a mysterious foe in hours of new story content, prove your skill for homicide in new repeatable assassination quests, and more," reads a line from the DLC's description.

Though Dark Brotherhood doesn't officially launch until next month, PC players can test it out on The Elder Scrolls Online's public test server starting today, April 25. For lots more on Dark Brotherhood, check out this blog post.

Elder Scrolls Online was released in April 2014 for PC and dropped its compulsory monthly subscription in January 2015. It now has a pay-once model with further support from microtransactions. Its console versions debuted on PS4 and Xbox One in June 2015.

The last major expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online was Thieves Guild, which was released in March. It introduced new story content, activities, skills, and more.

If there are to be more announcements regarding the future of The Elder Scrolls Online, they could come at Bethesda's E3 2016 briefing in June.

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Guess it's cool that some people are still playing this game. Personally gave up with it when it was new; and haven't looked back.

MMOs tend to get better as they age with various improvements and fixes, but guess I was someone who just didn't like the core gameplay. Which couldn't be fixed. Combat had awful hit-box detection and reacted the impact several seconds after the attack. That's something no amount of new areas/ quests/ and armor can fix.

For an MMO the game looks gorgeous though and wish the fanbase fun times with the new content.

However, you might want to try Dark Souls III for an RPG that's got depth and superior PvP.

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Oblivion, back when Elder Scrolls was challenging and interesting

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Y do PC play get all the exlusives content. Why dont PS4 the superior machine get all the exlusive content. Xbox too. Wii>WiiU

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@PortalJumper93: You're trying to hard

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@PortalJumper93: Your trolling is simply amusing :P

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Whats wrong with all the comments this is a fun game?

Been playing it since last year and its still addictive!

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@jasongm: It's pretty good in places, but the game has many flaws that ruin the experience. Would recommend broadening your palate. Overall, you can find better MMOs, and better RPGs with online PvP.

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@jasongm: because in General it is a bad game.. on an outdated TERRIBLE engine to begin with.. The only Fun to be had in ESO is the PVP and that is only fun if you're on a capable side, Even then the Fun only last a little while.. theres only so many Siege type battles i really care to see.. and the fact that its always the same lands and layouts never helps.. and there are no True end game raids.. there are what 12 man trials? that are a pushover.. Some may find things to like about it.. but still doesn't change the fact that its just an overall bad game.. Especially once you've reached level cap

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@twerkloak: lol lvl cap so at least 500 hours.

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wow i cant believe this garbage is still going

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Seems a waste of money to add dlc after it flopped. It was horrible on pc so i rented it for the XOne it was a little better but the game was still a mess.It's a shame it could had been an amazing game if they would had spent more time on it

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@smackdowner360: If there's still a player base, might as well make content for them to buy/subscribe for. I mean, SWTOR came out strong and then went into an epic tailspin, but Bioware's salvaged that game and now it's something like the fourth most profitable MMO. Though, given how dead boring ESO is, I'm betting it dies out before SWTOR does.

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@Mogan: Swtor Developers abandoned their game years ago... there has literally be 0 End game added to it for over 17 going on 18 months now, and they have gone on record to say they are likely not going to Release any more Endgame raids.. So its MMO turned SP taking advantage of all the Fanboys.. its Def not worth a Sub fee.. IDK any MMO player in their right mind who would pay a Sub for a game thats supposed to be focused around adding Group content, but it only releases Single player content, but tons of fan boys will play it because they dont know any better..

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@twerkloak: That's a matter of opinion, but SWTOR actually has become profitable.

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@Mogan: The profit comes from them not having to pay any developers anymore.. they have maybe 3-5 people working on Swtor now.. and they only put out SP content.. they make most their money off of all the Crap on the Cartel market.. but like i said you only have fanboys that are playing for the story at the moment.. An MMO cant last long only producing Content for 1 small portion of the game and abandon the rest.. but raiders have known Swtor is dying since the last set of raids came out in 2014, and the raid development team left bioware austin. people still PVP i imagine.. but with it taking them 2.5 years just to release 2 new pvp maps, i doubt even the PVP community would stick around long.. hell A lot of players have already made the move to other MMO's like WoW or just stopped playing altogether

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@twerkloak: Well, maybe, but somebody has said SWTOR wasn't long for this world pretty much every month for the last 5 years. We'll see how it goes. I don't think they'd have stopped making Operations if many players were still playing them though.

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As it should be.

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Anyone know how populated this game is on Xbox One anymore? Hell, I'll even take info on how well it's doing on PC.

Played a little during it's free weekend and wasn't too impressed, so I'm wondering if by the time it's cheap enough if it'll be pointless to get it.

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It's dying game dont waste your time.

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@onlinevegabond: the game has a population higher then ever stop acting like a retard.

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@dunk_420: You're drunk

Go home

Also, source?

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@rosinmonkekyx17: the game itself as my sorce jump on see how many people are on. Starting areas are almost over crowded.

Avatar image for rosinmonkekyx17

@dunk_420: That's not a source

I could jump on any MMO and say the starting area is crowded but I can't say the population has been higher than ever...

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Seriously? Who the hell even plays this anymore?
If I wanted to do more boring grinding to get to a new area, I'd re-download SWTOR.
Just let this die already. People, stop being enablers to this terrible cash in.

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@lordossiss: I thought it was a great idea with alright gameplay. The deal breaker for me and why I quit playing rather quickly was that EVERYTHING was instanced which takes away from the gameplay for me.

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@MoreThot: When I played it I wished way more stuff was instanced, because entering a tomb and seeing a dozen other players crawling all over it, killing all the mobs as soon as they spawned, got real old, real quick.

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@Mogan: Sounds like they just instanced all the wrong stuff. Instance the entire map over and over instead of instancing the dungeons and other specific areas.