Elder Scrolls Online Update Brings Player Housing Early Next Year

Everyone will get a home for free by completing the tutorial.


You'll soon be able to call part of Elder Scrolls Online home following the release of an upcoming update.

The "major" update is called Homestead, and as the name suggests, it introduces player housing, a popular, oft-requested feature in MMOs. With the update, players will be able to purchase and customize their own homes in the game world. As is typically the case, these won't be technically located in the same world everyone else occupies; these homes are instanced, so you won't be competing with other plans to secure a plot of land. You can, however, invite other players over to visit.

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When Homestead launches, there will be "nearly" 40 different options, ranging from a small room at an inn to "huge manor estates with vast outdoor areas." Each one is themed around one of Elder Scrolls' races, though there aren't any restrictions on who can buy which one. You can own more than one, but only one of each type, and they'll all be shared across your account.

Once you've acquired a home, you'll be able to customize it with over 2,000 different pieces of furniture and decorations, including chairs, beds, books, paintings, lights, and so on. These items can be purchased or crafted (crafted items can then be sold to other players), allowing them to be freely placed wherever you want. "Most" items can be purchased with gold or Crowns, suggesting some will require Crowns, the premium currency that costs real-world money.

Additionally, you can place trophies you've collected from accomplishing certain tasks, as well as pets, crafting stations, assistants, and other functional items.

All players will receive a free home--presumably a small one--when the update launches by completing a tutorial. Most others will require you to complete the tutorial and earn certain achievements in the zone where the home is located. You may have already unlocked some of these, while others are still to be added.

Like with the aforementioned items, Bethesda says "most" homes will be sold for gold and Crowns. An example of one that can only be purchased for Crowns is "an ultra-luxurious island retreat." Homes available for gold and Crowns will be unfurnished, while furnished versions will be available for Crowns. Specific pricing wasn't shared, but you'll have the chance to check out a home before buying it.

The Homestead update launches sometime in "early 2017" on all platforms.

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