Elder Scrolls Online Holiday Event Adds New Quests, Items, and Double XP

Celebrate the season with "The New Life Festival."


Like lots of other games, Bethesda's MMO The Elder Scrolls Online is hosting a holiday event. The New Life Festival, as it's called, adds new quests and items, while you can also earn double XP during the limited-time campaign.

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To get started, you'll need to visit the NPC Breda outside Windhelm to pick up a quest titled "The New Life Festival." Complete this and you'll receive access to up to nine different daily quests, each of which is named after the game's different races and found in specific zones. Here's a rundown:

  • Castle Charm Challenge (Breton)
  • Fish Boon Feast (Argonian)
  • Lava Foot Stomp (Dunmer)
  • Mud Ball Merriment (Bosmer)
  • Signal Fire Sprint (Redguard)
  • Snow Bear Plunge (Nord)
  • Stonetooth Bash (Orc)
  • The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile (Khajiit)
  • War Orphan's Sojourn (Altmer)

You will earn what's called a New Life Gift Box item for completing each quest. The box comes with a random crafting material, a consumable version of a New Life-themed memento, and the Wolfsbane incense Skinchanger style item.

On top of those, you'll get a randomly selected item from the list below.

  • A Skinchanger Motif chapter
  • A New Life recipe of either green, blue or gold-quality
  • A special New Life Collectible
    • Mud Ball Pouch (Memento)
    • Nordic Bather's Towel (Costume)
    • Colovian Filigreed Hood (Hat)
    • Colovian Fur Hood (Hat)

Players who complete all nine quests will receive a dye called New Life Cerulean, as well as the New Life Celebrant achievement and a new title in the form of "Magnanimous."

Additionally, you can earn double XP for two hours by drinking "Breda's Magnificent Mead," which can be found in a keg near the NPC. The New Life Festival ends on Wednesday, January 4, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET.

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