Elder Scrolls, Fallout Dev Bethesda Opens A New Studio

Bethesda's current projects remain unknown.

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Bethesda Game Studios is expanding. The developer responsible for the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series announced today that it's added a new studio in Texas to its roster, though it isn't saying just yet what it will be working on.

In a press release, Bethesda said it "has expanded development capacity for future titles by welcoming BattleCry Studios in Austin, Texas, as part of Bethesda Game Studios." The company is a relatively new studio owned by Bethesda parent company ZeniMax; it was originally working on a game called BattleCry before moving on to work on Doom, another ZeniMax game.

"As the vision, scale, and ambitions for our games continue to grow, so does Bethesda Game Studios," said Bethesda executive producer and game director Todd Howard. "We've had the pleasure to know the talented developers at BattleCry, and knew we could do great things together."

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This new Austin location for Bethesda will be headed by Doug Mellencamp, who will serve as studio director. He previously was the GM and technical director of BattleCry Studios. He too shared a statement, saying, "We're excited to join Bethesda Game Studios and look forward to working together on some of the industry's most exciting new games. Austin's incredible game development scene and talent will also allow us to push our games further than fans have imagined."

There are numerous job listings outlined on Bethesda's website, including a small handful at the Austin studio. However, they don't provide any insight into what kind of projects to expect. In 2016, Howard teased three "big and crazy" projects from Bethesda, and last year, we heard why the company isn't in a rush to make Elder Scrolls VI. We've still yet to hear anything about that game coming, though given that Bethesda doesn't like to announce things far in advance, that doesn't mean much.

Bethesda Game Studios' primary location is in Maryland, though in December 2015, it opened a second studio in Montreal. At the time, it said the move was in order to "expand its development capabilities in console, PC, and mobile gaming." We've yet to see any original output from the studio, as the past few years have only been home to Skyrim ports and VR adaptations of both Skyrim and Fallout 4.

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Avatar image for Brakkyn

I'm looking forward to being pleasantly surprised.

Avatar image for waelse1

Skyrim Tax Shelter (no income tax).

Avatar image for fastasleep

Skyrim Shelter

Avatar image for playstationzone

I think be getting new doom game this year but what else company working on or showing us at this years E3.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

We've had a Fallout game this generation already and, while it could be a new game in that franchise, I'm thinking it's likely for a new Elder Scrolls entry. The last game in the series launched over 6 years ago unless you count the Elder Scrolls Online and is overdue a return. Here's hoping.

Avatar image for leblnk

@gotrekfabian: Elder Scrolls usually comes out before Fallout. I'm fairly certain (off top of head).

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@leblnk: There's no set pattern of when a game is released and the fact that we've had a Fallout game this generation speaks for itself. It could still be another Fallout, as I already said but I just don't think so. We had one ES during the Xbox era, two during the Xbox 360/ PS3 and nothing for this gen yet. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Avatar image for Iamkalell

@gotrekfabian: They've said there will be two new projects released before the next ES, but with two new BGS studios it's possible we might actually see a new ES this gen. We may be getting BGS games in rapid succession.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@Iamkalell: Yeah, they stated that 3 games are in the works at present. They could be new IP's but I can't see it and it seems unlikely that we'll be getting a follow-up to Prey, Wolfenstein or The Evil Within just yet, if at all. Those three games will be Bethesda's cash cows: Elder Scrolls, Fallout and Doom (speculation based on recent success of Doom on my behalf). ES has to be coming soon, it's their flagship game and has likely been in development for some time now even if they do say that it isn't yet underway.

Avatar image for Iamkalell

@gotrekfabian: The statement that they hadn't started work on a new ES was made a few years ago. They probably have done some work on it since then. I'm still expecting at least one new BGS game before we get another ES or Fallout though. They were pretty clear about wanting to do something other than ES and Fallout. If BGS were a normal studio I could see Bethesda forcing them to make a new ES/Fallout, but BGS is special and has earned the right to try their own thing.

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

Maybe they've secretly acquired another beloved IP from the past that they wish to accommodate to our limited controller inputs and overall modern sensibilities. Let the dumbing down begin!

Avatar image for restatbonfire

Fallout New Orleans?

Avatar image for watercrack445

When was Fallout Shelter released? They could be planning another mobile game before the real game hits out.

Avatar image for leblnk

@watercrack445: Fallout 4/Bethesda press conference, I think. It was playable soon after their presser, If I recall correctly.

Avatar image for Brakkyn

@pasullica: They're called "features", you heathen!

Avatar image for Ohaidere

I loved the last 3 main ES games and even recently pumped 65 hours into Skyrim again, but it's time for ES VI before the generation is up.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@Ohaidere: Probably next gen. I think they ambitiously want to do Akivir for TES VI which would explain Todd Howard's comments about the next Elder Scrolls.

Avatar image for Iamkalell

@gamingdevil800: Or all of Tamriel in one map. Either would be amazing.

Avatar image for jonsin1459

As long as EA aren't acquiring and shutting them down I'm a thumbs up.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

I'm guessing Montreal is working on a Fallout spin off, Maryland is working on Starfield and Austin your guess is as good as mine. The two new studios are probably there to get hit ip's out faster instead of 7 to 10 year waits.