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Elden Ring: Where To Get Zamor Ice Storm

Live out your dreams of being a frost mage.


If you like the idea of being a frost mage in Elden Ring, we've got a spell for you. Zamor Ice Storm is a strong and fun sorcery that can help you live out your dreams of wielding the powers of ice against your foes. And in this guide, we'll tell you where you need to head to get it. Be warned, though, that it's not reachable until you've advanced the game's main story quite a bit.

Zamor Ice Storm explained

Zamor Ice Storm is a sorcery that requires 36 Intelligence to cast. It creates a freezing tornado that can damage and build up the Frostbite status effect on the enemies within.

Zamor Ice Storm's item description reads:

Ice sorcery of the Town of Zamor. Strike the ground with the staff to create a freezing tornado. Charging enhances potency. Cloaked in icy tempests, the knights of Zamor have challenged the Fire Giants since ancient times.

Where to find Zamor Ice Storm

Zamor Ice Storm can be found at the Zamor Ruins in Mountaintops of the Giants. This end-game biome will take you some time to reach as you follow the main story, but once you do, you'll find the Zamor Ruins very close to where you first emerge into the zone.

Zamor Ruins
Zamor Ruins

Enter the ruins and explore them while moving south and defeating any Knights of Zamor wandering about. You'll eventually find Zamor Ice Storm by an archway near the end of the ruins.

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