Elden Ring: Where To Get Wrath Of Gold

This incantation can be a lot of fun.


There is no shortage of useful and fun spells to find in Elden Ring, but the best are ones that can provide you with some hilarious situations. Such is the power of Wrath of Gold, which can send a shockwave out to blast your foes (including players in PvP) off of high cliffs and other perilous spots. In this guide, we'll tell you where to round up this enjoyable little incantation.

Wrath of Gold explained

Wrath of Gold is an incantation that requires 32 Faith to cast. It creates a blast that knocks back enemies while dealing damage, making it a great option for crowd control and a fun spell to use on players in PVP when near ledges.

Wrath of Gold's item description reads:

Superior Erdtree Worship incantation. Produces a golden shockwave that knocks back nearby foes. Charging increases the size of the shockwave. This incantation was discovered when the Elden Ring was shattered, and it was feared as a sign of the Erdtree's wrath.

Where to find Wrath of Gold

Wrath of Gold can be obtained within Woodfolk Ruins in northern Altus Plateau. This bright and visually distinct biome is a mid-game area that you'll have to visit along the main path of the story, but the actual location of the incantation is near a Minor Erdtree situated in a dark forested area filled with dangerous enemies.

Woodfolk Ruins
Woodfolk Ruins

Take note that you'll want to be very careful to only fight one of the tall, lanky enemies at a time. These foes, known as Wormfaces, can Curse you rather quickly with their disgusting vomit, which will immediately kill you.

Once you've reached the densely-wooded area, navigate over to the Woodfolk Ruins directly east of the Minor Erdtree. You'll find a group of Wormfaces surrounding a set of steps, so either fight them or lure them away and rush back to the steps, then take them down into a cellar that houses Wrath of Gold.

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