Elden Ring: Where To Get Thops's Barrier

If you want to deflect magic, you'll need this handy spell.


Though many of Elden Ring's sorceries are focused on dishing out copious amounts of damage, a handful of them are helpful defensive tools. In the case of Thops's Barrier, you can actually gain quite an advantage over other spell-casters. In this guide, we'll tell you precisely how to get your hands on this deflective shield of magic.

Thops's Barrier explained

Thops's Barrier is a sorcery that requires 18 Intelligence to cast. It can deflect incoming magic attacks, making it useful in PVP or against spell-casting enemies that relentlessly shoot magic at you.

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Thops's Barrier's item description reads:

The lifelong pursuit of Thops the Bluntstone. Creates a magic forcefield that deflects sorceries and incantations. Hold to continuously create barriers. Future generations will learn. They will know the foolishness of the sneering sorcerers who ridiculed this theory, little realizing that it was in fact a discovery worthy of a new conspectus of the academy.

Where to find Thops's Barrier

Thops's Barrier is found on Thops's corpse in the Raya Lucaria Academy legacy dungeon in Liurnia of the Lakes. In order for him to show up dead there, however, you'll need to complete his short quest.

You'll first meet Thops at the Church of Irith [1] in southern Liurnia of the Lakes.

Church of Irith
Church of Irith

He'll request that you bring him an Academy Glintstone Key, but you can't give him the first one you obtain, as he knows you need it to access the academy. Instead, grab the first key from behind Glintstone Dragon Smarag [2] a bit to the north and then enter the academy.

Glintstone Dragon Smarag
Glintstone Dragon Smarag

Once inside the academy, make your way through until you reach the portion of the dungeon that has you navigating rooftops. You'll eventually end up inside the upper portion of the Church of the Cuckoo where you'll find the second Academy Glintstone Key on a chandelier [3].

The Academy Glintstone Key is hanging on a chandelier.
The Academy Glintstone Key is hanging on a chandelier.

Once you have the key, return to Thops and exhaust his dialogue. He will now head off to Raya Lucaria Academy where he will die. You can access his corpse [4] very easily by heading to the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace and backtracking out near the rotating wheel. There you'll find Thops's Barrier.

Thops's Corpse
Thops's Corpse

Note that when you loot Thops's corpse, you'll also get his bell bearing, which will allow you to purchase Starlight from the Twin Maiden Husks if you didn't buy it from him previously.

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